Lydia 100

Новый товар

The side cab of the Lydia 100 offers an ideal and global visibility for the soil work.

This compact model favours handling and avoids soil compaction.

It is suitable for both soil work (push or pull tool holders between the wheels) and spraying equipment.

Описание техники

Технические характеристики

ДвигательEngine Kohler 120CV KDI3404TCR Stage V
Гидростатическая трансмиссия2 or 4 wheel –drive with integrated anti-slipping system
Variable flow pump
Electronic speed limiter
Гидравлический контурVariable speed PTO
Variable flow PTO : 110l/mn max
Secondary PTO : regulated flow at 40l/mn
Fast connections of front and rear tools with regulated flow
6 single and 5 double acting spool valves on the control lever
РазныеTrack width & Height : To be defined according to availability
Load sensing hydraulic steering
100 liters oil tank
95 liters fuel tank
Manual and automatic front hydraulic lifter
ШиныFront : 320/65 R18
Rear : 360/70 R28
Wide pneumatics as an option
Кабина водителяSide driving position on absorbers
Hand and foot throttle
Adjustable steering column
2 side rear-view mirrors
Multi-disk parking brake
Reverse camera and buzzer
Working lights and flashing light
Оборудование для опрыскиванияOption:
800 liters tank with holder
Attachment frame for tanks on the platform
ОпцииAir conditioned and pressurised cab, Class 4
High confort seat
Electric rear view mirors , defrost function
2 push or pull tool holders between the wheels
2 pull tool holders marks eradicator
Electronic speed controller
PTO engine (16 HP at 540 RPM or 35 HP at 540 rpm or 35 HP at 3600 RPM)
Fastening frame for tools on a platform
Rear wide pneumatics : 420/65 R28 or 320/85R28