Lydia 130

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The Lydia 130 is the most powerful one-row tractor. It is ideal for hard works.

Its side cab offers a global visibility for soil work.

It will be soon released with a Stage V engine and will be less polluting thanks to the ADBlue.

It will be highly appreciated for being environment-friendly.

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MotorEngine Perkins 904J-E36TA
Transmissão hidrostática2 or 4 wheel –drive with integrated anti-slipping system
Variable flow pump
Electronic speed limiter
Circuito hidráulicoFast connections of front and rear tools with regulated flow
1 variable flow PTO 160 l/mn max
2 auxiliary PTO's 45m/mn
6 simple-effect distributors
8 double-effect distributors
Mais informaçõesLoad sensing hydraulic steering
100 liters oil tank
220 liters fuel tank
Front hydraulic suspension (automatic and manual)
Track width : 1.40 or 1.50 or 1.60 or 1.70 or 1.80 or 1.90 Height : 1.55 or 1.65 or 1.75m Coopling hook
RodadosFront : 320/65 R18
Rear : 420/70 R28
Wide pneumatics as an option
Posto de comandoSide driving position on absorbers
Manual and foot accelerators
Adjustable steering column
2 side rear-view mirrors
Multi-disk parking brake
Working lights and flashing light
Double control stick
Reverse camera and buzzer
Equipamento de fumigaçãoOption :
Attachment frame for tanks on the platform
800 ou 1200 liters tank with holder
OpcionaisAir conditioned and pressurised cab, Class 4
High confort seat
Electric rear view mirors , defrost function
2 push or pull tool holders between the wheels
2 pull tool holders marks eradicator
Frame for tool holders
Electronic speed controller
Rear wide pneumatics : 480/70 R28
PTO engine (35 HP at 540 rpm or 35 HP at 3600 RPM or 50HP at 540 rpm)